StarxCrescent Ramadan Calendar

When Nazia of StarxCrescent approached me with her idea in October 2019, I was really excited to join this project. She wanted to create a beautiful, sustainable Ramadan Calendar for children to play with during the month of Ramadan, and to shorten the days until the Eid festivities.

For this, we envisioned a friendly design with an illustration of two children on the front of the calendar, and little illustrations on the boxes inside it. For the boxes, I illustrated a „Ramadan Alphabet“ with symbols accompanying words relating to different special aspects of the month of Ramadan. I added a tiny Arabic alphabet too for the children to play with and learn at the same time, and the calendar was topped off with daily good deed activities, which were to be found inside the boxes. For that, I also illustrated the symbols and little drawings.

Additionally, Nazia tasked me with the exciting job of re-designing her brand logo and package design, so I added these snippets for you to see too!

Check out Nazia’s page and her other projects, she has been such a remarkably creative and nice person to work with! Also the funds for the StarxCrescent calendars are going towars educational programs for girls in Pakistan, so be sure to check that out too!

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