1. Do you want to illustrate my book?

I get a lot of inquiries like this, and the thing is: I love books and if I could I would illustrate them all 🙂 The thing is, for me to decide whether or not I can illustrate your book, a few things need to happen first:

You’ve written a book! YAY YOU! (No but seriously, it’s a lot of work!). And if it’s a story for children, you probably want it to be well illustrated, so kids will be keen on reading it too. That’s where the illustrator comes in! The thing is – for your story to move to the illustrations, you need to have your text absolutely ready. Which means, it probably needs to have been through several rounds of constructive feedback (Moms count, but you’l probably need more objective opinions too :), needs to be re-written according to that feedback and needs to be looked at by a professional editor if possible.

Then, when you have a solid basis which you want to work with, you move on to pair this text with illustrations. Now – first things first, do you already have a publisher? If youdo have a publisher, please let them search for the most suitable illustrators for your book, since they probably have the best connections and already have in mind what style fits best for your work. If not, and if you want to take on the quest of self-publication – what is your budget? Are you prepared to take on the financial responsibility of self financing this book? Bear in mind that illustrations are not likely to be 10$ per piece 🙂

If all the answers to the previous questions are leading you to this next paragraph, then it is time to discuss the formal details of this book project:

  1. What is your proposed time frame? When do you want the book to be published?
  2. What is your proposal for the illustrations, what would you like to see depicted from your story (for each paragraph, page, etc.)?
  3. How many illustrations and which format would you think you’ll need?
  4. Talking the copyright of the illustrations: is it going to be a physical book? An E-Book? In how many countries is it going to be published? Is there going to be merchandise with the illustrations and designs used? For how many years do you want the copyright to be yours?

Based on all of these questions, I will look into the proposed time frame, see if it works out for me and calculate the price for the project.

So – of course I’d love to illustrate your book, but in order for it to run smoothly these few things need to happen first.

For more info on this topic please visit: https://jabberworks.livejournal.com/744387.html

  1. Do you make custom illustrations / personal commissions?

Not at the time, no – but stay tuned for commission updates either on my Instagram or Facebook!

  1. Do you have an Online-Shop?

Yes! Here’s the Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/strudelworte

  1. Are you available for commissions and collaborations by publishers, companies and magazines?

Yes, please get in touch via hello@strudelworte.com!

  1. Can I use your illustrations for an article / newspaper / blog post / etc.?

Please do write to me either via E-Mail or Instagram about the specific usage of my pictures, since it is very important to me in what way my images are being used. (Also important to you because copyright infringement nastiness).

  1. Do you teach workshops?

I do in fact have taught Lettering-for-Beginners Workshops in the past, and am happy to prepare other topics as well, as long as it works time-wise. Please send me an E-Mail with the details!