Hello and welcome dear reader!

My name is Esma Bosnjakovic, and I am the person behind that fascinatingly peculiar brand-name of „Strudelworte“ (which means exactly what it describes). I have started this little illustration path of my life at the beginning of 2019, and have since had the pleasure of taking part in a number of projects.

I am currently finishing my studies at the University of Vienna (English American Studies BA and German Studies BA), whilst finishing my first book illustrations and planning the illustrations for two children’s books set to be published in 2021. 

This page is under constant construction as you may or may not have noticed, since I am trying to incorporate some more ‚educational‘ content into my work – sharing the things I’ve learned on this journey so far and other peculiarities of possible interest. 

As for you working with me, which I very much hope you’re considering, please take care to go to the „Work with me“ button down below for a few basic instructions on how to do so!

Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to seeing to soon,